Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hey, you. I haven't written here for several years. It's difficult for me to come back to this blog. According to the list on my account, I have several other blogs that I've tried to start, but none of them have taken off the way this one has.

So I've returned.
Is this, am I, are you
the spring after the snow, or the snow after the spring?
The green after the white, or the red after the green?
The drought after the rain, or the rain after the drought,
The dust condensing into a star, or the halo of dust after stars die.

I've returned in hopes that I'll start writing again, writing in a non-academic way. I've stopped writing, I think, because I became aware of how problematic my writing is. But maybe that's not a reason to stop writing. To write it is necessary to re-theorize writing for myself, for you, re-theorize it in a way that allows, not precludes.

I want to write a space story, a space romance.

And I need to apply to that Queer performance thing.